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Bitfarms goes public

The Bitcoin giant Bitfarms will make its debut on the Toronto Stock Exchange tomorrow, under the sign BITF, announced the company by press release Friday, late afternoon.

“We are very proud of that. Our operations are in Quebec. This is where we started a little over two years ago, “Bitfarms Public Relations Director Bahador Zabihiyan told the newspaper.

The CEO of Bitfarms is Wes Fulford. Its president, founder, and the director is Pierre-Luc Quimper.

In Quebec

Since its inception, Bitfarms says it has invested over 25 million in Quebec. The SME employs about fifty workers and owns its own company of electricians.

Bitfarms has five blockchain facilities in the province that have a 36-megawatt capacity infrastructure.

The SME is building a new 30-megawatt site in Sherbrooke.

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