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Here are the Greens’ opponents in CAN 2021 playoffs

On the eve of the final CAN  2019, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) proceeded Thursday to the draw of the playoffs of the next edition. The draw of CAN 2021 placed the Greens in a relatively straightforward group to tackle.

Algeria is in the “H” group with Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

Here are all the groups:

Group A: Mali/Guinea/Namibia/V1-2

Group B: Burkina Faso/Uganda/Malawi/V3-4

Group C: Ghana/South Africa/Sudan/V5-6

Group D: DR Congo/Gabon/Angola/V7-8

Group E: Morocco/Mauritania/Central Africa/Burundi

Group F: Cameroon/Cape Verde/Mozambique/Rwanda

Group G: Egypt/Kenya/Togo/Comores Islands

Group H: Algeria/Zambia/Zimbabwe/Botswana

Group I: Senegal/Congo/Guinea-Bissau / Eswatini

Group J: Tunisia/Libya/Tanzania/Equatorial Guinea

Group K: Ivory Coast/Niger/Madagascar/Ethiopia

Group L: Nigeria/Benin/Sierra Leone/Lesotho


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