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In 2020, the Italian deficit will not be less than 2%, claims Salvini.

Matteo Salvini, Vice President of the Italian Council, said on Tuesday that his country should not reduce next year’s budget deficit to preserve the resources to lower taxes and promote the nation’s Economy.

“We can’t go below 2 percent if we want to place cash in Italians ‘ pockets,” he told journalists in Rome.

Applying this principle would mean not reducing the deficit relative to the gross domestic product (GDP) compared to the level expected this year, set at 2.04% at the end of 2018 after weeks of discussions with the European Commission.

The Italian government, which joins Matteo Salvini’s (far-right) League to the 5-Star Movement (M5S), is currently starting the process of drafting the 2020 budget proposal, against a backdrop of growing tension between the two parties.

Matteo Salvini said that the question of the durability of the coalition would be decided in September “or even before.”

Source: Reuters / AFP

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