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Huawei Assistant arrives in Latin America

The system offers information managed by applications and tools.

Huawei confirmed the arrival in Latin America of two of its main tools focused on the optimization and approach of applications with users, this is the Huawei Assistant and the Huawei Ability Gallery, through which developers can offer their services direct way, at the precise moment that the user has a specific need.

In this way, if the user has a doubt like the weather of their location or the results of the football match of their favorite team, they can consult it through the Huawei Assistant through text or voice, which will display a series of immediate results with the required information.

The key element of this system is that the information is provided by the applications themselves, so the user can identify who has the most useful data or related to their needs and give way to the complete application.

In addition, the information offered by the apps is summarized to be seen in small and fast formats in the form of letters that will appear as notifications to quickly provide the essential details that the user needs, this thanks to the possibilities of the Ability Gallery that It allows getting all the data through a certain action

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