Montreal: A company chosen to supply trousers to Montreal police officers has been added to the list of unsatisfactory firms in the City of Montreal.

On 1 st May Forlini-Division Companies Universal Safety Equipment Inc. became the third company to join this “gray list” in 2019. It lists eight other companies.

The City may reject for two years the bids of the suppliers on this list, even if it is the lowest compliant bidder.

The company provided work clothes. For example, about $ 175,000 in work clothes and boots were ordered by the City during the floods last April.

In 2018, the company had $2.8 million worth of contracts, according to contract view data. Since the beginning of 2019, contracts awarded by the municipality exceeded half a million dollars.

Last May, after listing, the company received close to $ 100,000 in orders. These were issued “under contracts awarded before the company’s listing on the list of firms with unsatisfactory performance; following two calls for tenders, explain the City’s communications. The Cities and Towns Act does not allow contracts to be canceled for reasons of unsatisfactory performance. “

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Pants late

In December 2017, the executive committee awarded Enterprises Forlini a deal valued at $ 380,000 for the purchase of 5600 trousers for the City of Montreal Police Department.

A year later, fewer than 3,000 pants had been delivered. Imperfections were detected on about 1900 items. In February 2019, there were still 600 pants missing.

It has awarded a score of 39 to the company for this contract, while the pass mark is 70%. “The deficiencies identified in the contract’s execution are mainly related to the exceeding of the agreed delivery times, the poor management of the subcontractors, the slow corrective actions requested and the unreliability of the information transmitted,” explains the City Supply Department in a document addressed to the Executive Committee.

In correspondence, the City informed the company that only $ 78,000 would be deducted because of delays, while a penalty of half a million dollars could apply.

The company criticizes the rigidity of the City and argues that it related the delays to difficulty in obtaining the precise fabric required. A proposed “equivalent fabric” was not accepted, according to sales manager Peter Forlini. “It will be our pleasure not to bid for two years on your projects,” he wrote in an email to the City.

By Seth Statnick

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