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Algeria-Former Minister of Public Works, Amar Ghoul and former Wali of Algiers Abdelkader Zoukh appear before the investigating judge of the Supreme Court today.

Amar Ghoul and Abdelkader Zoukh will answer to the investigating judge of the Supreme Court on suspicion of corruption. The former wali of Algiers is targeted by the investigation concerning the Kia Motors assembly plant. A case that led to the temporary detention of a former Minister Mahdjoub Bedda yesterday.

Regarding the president of the TAJ, he is accused of several years in the east’s case-west highway renamed “the business of the century.” The treatment of corruption cases, therefore, knows no respite. At the same time the Sidi Mohamed court, Ahmed Ouyahia, Abdelmalek Sellal, and Youcef Yousfi appear in the “Bairi” case concerning the “Ival” factory.


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