iOS 15.0.1

After iOS 15, which was published the previous month, all iPhone models released after 2015, including the iPhone 6s, are eligible for the upgrade.

Many customers were having problems with their smartphones after upgrading to iOS 15, and one of the few faults that Apple acknowledged was that consumers could not utilize the “Unlock with Apple Watch” function on their recently released iPhone 13 series.

Users have also reported difficulties such as an incorrect disk scheduler, an unreliable touch screen, a non-functional camera, excluded Siri key commands, pictures vanishing, and more after updating iOS 15.

According to Apple, iOS 15.0.1 corrects an issue in which the Settings app wrongly displays a warning that space is full, as well as an issue in which audio sessions might start abruptly during training on the Apple Watch for some Fitness+ users.

The brand also stated that it intends to remedy a Core Animation problem that prohibits a few developers from fully utilizing ProMotion’s 120Hz refresh rate displays for their app’s animations and that it would likely address this fault in the most recent iOS version.

iOS 15 was initially unveiled at WWDC in June, and it included a revamped Safari browser, SharPlay, Focus Mode, Live Text, Virtual Look Up, and other significant features.

Security and confidentiality improvements were also included in the update, and Apple has already begun beta testing iOS 15.1 to smooth out any remaining issues. Go to Settings > General > Software Upgrade to update your smartphone.


By Susan Rogers

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