Arlo Pro 3 wire-free 2k security camera system review: The benchmark camera for home surveillance

Arlo Pro 3 wire-free 2k security camera system review: Are you looking for a camera for home surveillance then this security camera may be a good choice for you.

After a last rather convincing test, the American manufacturer returns with the Arlo Pro 3, a surveillance camera that does not revolutionize the market but brings obvious improvements, both in video and in terms of functionality.

A revised and improved design for the camera and the station

Arlo always takes care of the look of its products, and it is not the Arlo Pro 3, which will make this state of affairs lie. The camera retains the same round lines and bright white color, shared by the other products in the manufacturer’s range.

The camera is, however, significantly more massive than the previous iteration. This is due to the increase in the size of the optical sensor by 4 megapixels, but also the integration of an LED flash. The accessory has also been reinforced for resistance to rain, sun, and snow, for outdoor use. A microphone completes the datasheet, as well as a loudspeaker acting as a means of communication and an alarm siren.

The camera is delivered with two mounting brackets mounted on screws. One is magnetic and is intended for users who modify the surveillance zone from time to time, going from inside to outside of the house according to their needs. The other is a more robust mounting on a stand, and in our opinion, very suitable for owners wishing to mount their camera in front of their entrance securely.

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A word also on the Smart Hub, the accessory connected to the router, which allows you to compare the Arlo Pro 3 camera (s) to your smartphone and the brand’s cloud services. We had mentioned, during our test of the Arlo Pro 2, a design at best banal, at worst frankly missed, which was a task with the rest of the range. The manufacturer has reworked his device with more elegant and fine lines, and the adoption of better-quality plastic. The product loses its alarm siren, but gains in aesthetics, which is not to displease us.

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Arlo Pro 3: Head for 2K HDR

The real novelty of this new smart camera is the transition from Full HD to 2K, with the support of High Dynamic Range (or HDR), a standard already well installed in the world of video, which brings more vivid colors and enhanced contrast.

At first glance, we might have thought that this new sensor would ultimately be a gadget, as the video quality of the Arlo Pro 2 was already compelling. But you have to face the facts: the Arlo Pro 3 supplants its big sister at all levels.

In our tests, the video quality turned out to be merely remarkable, with incredible precision and a large number of details. The camera perfectly manages the light sources in the room and leads to attenuate the backlights for outstanding readability in the image. The brightness of the sensor is adjustable via the Arlo app, in the parameters associated with the camera.

The objective has an angle of 160 °, against 130 ° on the previous model, and allows to cover a much wider area with a single camera, despite a slightly too pronounced fish-eye effect. It will be necessary to think of orienting the camera well on the desired area to avoid any problem of legibility of the image.

Night vision is also very well managed by the Arlo Pro 3, with a large number of details displayed on the screen. If an intruder is detected, the lighting can be activated automatically for both more visibility, but also to scare it away.

The microphones are also of outstanding quality, with a clear sound and without too much echo thanks to a system of suppression of the ambient noise, and the speakers are sufficiently powerful a house of average size. You can communicate with a loved one standing in front of your loved one or a delivery man directly from the mobile application, and your correspondent will hear you very clearly.

A lot of features taking advantage of the cloud Thanks To Arlo Pro 3

Smart features are included by default in the camera to assist in surveillance. When the latter locates an element in the area, it immediately performs a digital zoom up to 12x in the image recorded in the form of a video clip to be able to identify the person or object having been spotted more precisely.

Three months of Arlo Smart subscription are offered for the purchase of the Arlo Pro 3 camera. The offer includes further analyzes of captured images, taking advantage of the cloud computing capabilities developed by the brand.

In addition to the enriched notifications on its Android and iOS smartphone, the Arlo Pro 3 is capable of more precisely detecting what is in its field of action, such as people, animals, vehicles or objects, to warn you, for example, the provision of a package in front of your door.

When an intruder is present in your home, the Arlo application sends you an alert indicating the detection of a person in the house. You can then activate the alarm built into the camera to make him flee, or enable the call to a loved one so that he can get to your house as quickly as possible.

You can also configure activity zones in the application, which will be the only ones monitored by the camera. This feature is useful for outdoor surveillance, to focus the attention of the Arlo Pro 3 on your front door, ignoring the traffic or the passage of pedestrians that can be picked up by the camera.

However, we would have liked a more accessible detection options settings menu. There is today in the Smart Hub settings. A shortcut to these from the home page could avoid much manipulation.

Far too limited recording possibilities

The Arlo Pro 3 allows you to stream the recorded video wire directly from your smartphone or tablet, but also via the Google Home and Amazon Alexa connected speakers with a screen.

We do not understand why Arlo did not integrate a recording in the cloud of the various recorded clips. This is a real regression compared to the Arlo Pro 2, which offered free seven days of recording on the manufacturer’s servers.

To have this functionality, extended to 30 days, you must go to the checkout and take out an Arlo Smart subscription at $10.11 / month, and $15.73 / month for 60 days of registration. We understand that the brand wants to put more emphasis on its service offer, but the maneuver is petty and could discourage renewal for existing customers.

To overcome this real defect, Arlo offers many local recording possibilities thanks to the USB port built into the Smart Hub which allows you to connect a hard drive or an SD card. We have known more practical.

Arlo Pro 3: Several months of autonomy

Like the Arlo Pro 2, the camera runs on battery and the brand promises three to six months of autonomy, a value that we obviously could not measure. Nevertheless, after a good hour of very intensive use for the preparation of this test, the autonomy of the Arlo Pro 3 had hardly diminished.

A mode available in the application makes it possible to reduce the quality of the video stream to preserve the battery if you forgot to recharge it, for example. Charging is carried out by induction support, to be placed on the underside of the device, and connected by USB to the supplied mains adapter. The camera can also be plugged in directly to an electrical outlet, and it takes around three hours to charge fully.

Arlo Pro 3 wire-free 2k security camera system review by our user

With the Arlo Pro 3, the brand does not reinvent the wheel but improves almost all aspects of its connected camera. The object is the subject of a technical update that offers a truly exceptional image quality for this type of device, day and night.

Integrating the alarm into the camera is a great idea, especially for users with multiple devices, which allows the siren to be focused on the area affected by the intrusion. We also appreciate the complete redesign of the connection base, finally up to the design standards of the brand.

Remains a disappointment, and it is significant: the Arlo Pro 3 is designed exclusively around its associated services. If the basic detection features integrated into the product do the job for many customers, it is not understandable why Arlo has withdrawn the possibility of free registration in the cloud, apart from the desire to force the customer to subscribe to a subscription.

The cloud features are high quality, well thought out, and properly executed, but the pill is difficult to swallow after buying a pack of two cameras + Smart Hub base at a high price of $462.

The product, very complete and very versatile, remains, however, a benchmark in its field that we can only recommend.

If you are looking for more home security cameras then check it out. Hopefully, you like our Arlo Pro 3 wire-free 2k security camera system review as it’s given

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