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Mes Que Un Club” is the club motto of FC Barcelona relatively cocky – the away game in Prague, Barca but showed anything but exemplary.

Have the stars of FC Barcelona behaved in the Champions League?

On the Internet, chaotic images of the Barca cabin circulate after the 2-1 away win against Slavia Prague! The video of the Futbol Page shows the squalid cabin of the Catalans after their departure.

On the floor, you can see countless tapes, scraps of paper, bandages, and plastic bottles. On the table are half-full energy bottles, cups, and bananas. 

Why the team left the cabin in this chaotic state is unclear. Was the home-high favorite after the Zitter victory against the Czechs frustrated because of their performance? 

Japan shows it

How it works showed the Japanese national team at the 2018 World Cup. At that time, the Japanese were eliminated dramatically in the second round after a 2-0 lead still with 2: 3 against Belgium. Their cabin left the Asians but sparkling – no comparison to the Barca cabin.

Barca is in the CL in Soll

The Spanish champions were not convincing despite Lionel Messi’s (3 ‘) early lead and were struggling to control the game against the Czechs. Slavia came on for the deserved equalizer of Jan Boril in the 50th minute, but an own goal by Peter Olayinka (57th) sealed the narrow defeat.

The “Blaugrana” is at the top of the table for Group F with 7 points. The second leg against Slavia at Camp Nou will take place on 5 November.