In order to follow a reluctant mentality and post again comparable to that of the previous day (+ 0.1 percent to 5.622), the Paris Bourse rapidly deleted its initial earnings (+0.5%)

Consequently, the development of the CAC40 was inadequate to rekindle by the rise of +1.4% in Tokyo and +1.8% in Hong Kong, which is motivated by the imminent nomination of Joe Biden.

The industrial development of China – a significant predictor of country operation – will display + 2.8% in 2020, according to statistics reported by the State Statistics Bureau (BES).

Its growth was especially positive by the end of the year, with manufacturing output rising by 7.1 percent in the fourth quarter.

Output bounced back 7.3% in December alone.

The improvement in German investor’s trust’s monthly barometer ‘Zew’ which stood at 61.8 in January, up from 55 in December, also encouraged business optimism (Reuters consensus forecasted 60 ).

The United States’ outcome season is swinging and the difference between the earnings of retail banks and investment banks is once again striking.

Following the massive difference between JP-Morgan (+42% of profits) and Well Fargo, this reflects an even larger distance between Goldman Sachs that indicates +153% growth in its earnings in its 4th quarter (up from $ 4.36 billion at the end of 2019 to $ 72 billion), and the Bank of America, whose net profit dropped from -30% to $ 5 billion. (Bank of the United States) (EPS of 55 cents was expected).

However, on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration and his first announcements as the 46th president of the USA, investors may remain defensive.

Traders are fearful of the fiscal deficits bursting in the stimulus politics of Biden, leading to increased debt, new taxes, and elevated interest rates.

At the second session in Paris, Stellantis gained +5% as CAC boss.
For its third quarter 2020-21, Alstom reported sales of 2.049 million Euros compared to 2.060 million a year ago but, owing to the rolling stock and the reporting operations, marginally improved organically by 2%. Consequently, Alstom shares its financial and medium-term 2022-23 forecast.

In order to retain all the (100 percent) capital of a leading water service carrier in the Canary Islands, Suez announced its purchase of the Itochu Gruppe’s 33.4 percent stake in Canaragua at a sum of €37 million.

In two instances of EUR 1,5 billion, each with coupons of 1,625 percent and 2,125, percent and repayment options for 7 and 12 years, Total announced that they had launched indefinite subordinated bonds for a value of EUR 3 billion.

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