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Algeria-The tension shows little by little everywhere in Algeria at four o’clock of the final meeting between the National Team and Senegal.

Although it was not among the favorites, the Algerian national team has been gaining momentum over the matches. Today, the national team has an appointment with history. The last final played by the Fennecs go back to 1990. The teammates of Rabah Madjer won 1-0 against Nigeria thanks to an anthology goal signed Cherif Oudjani. It is the only continental title of the history of the national team of Algeria to date.

Tonight, the Greens can count on the support of at least 20,000 fans who have moved en masse especially after the establishment of an air bridge. The government mobilized no less than thirty planes, including nine military aircraft.

Besides the thousands of fans present at the Cairo Stadium, forty-four million Algerians will be taped to their TVs from 20h. These excellent performances made by the men of Belmadi intervene in a particular moment in Algeria. The African coronation, so sacred, could be added to the peaceful Movement for Democratic Change. The famous slogan of the “Yetnahaw ga3” protesters will give way to another motto, “Nerebhohom ga3”.

By Moeen Ali

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