Algeria – No less than 20,000 deaths from cancer are recorded each year in Algeria, said Saturday in Skikda Pr. Kamel Bouzid chief oncology department at the anti-cancer center Pierret and Marie Curie (Algiers) on the sidelines of the closure of the 3rd national days of medical oncology.

“This figure is worrying and likely to increase further,” said Pr. Bouzid also president of the national association of medical oncology who noted that 50,000 new cases of cancer are recorded annually in the country with a growing incidence for the colon cancer in women and anus in men.

According to the same oncologist, the change in diet with a greater focus on fast food would be behind the increased incidence of colorectal cancer in people over 40 years old who is the second most common cancer in women after breast cancer and first cancer affecting men long before lung cancer.

Using pesticides in crops is also a factor in the proliferation of cancer, said the practitioner who considered sports practice, the reduction of consumption of red meat and a diet based on organic vegetables and fruits — help to minimize the risk of cancer.

“Pilot studies for early detection of breast cancer in Biskra and colorectal cancer in Bejaia have yielded convincing results that could guide actions in other Wilaya,” said Pr. Bouzid.

Dr. Djamila Raïs, a specialist in anatomy and cytology in Algiers, noted that the histopathological examination of cervical cancer diagnosis, which is reasonably recent in Algeria, has a reliability rate of up to 90% compared with 60% for the old classical exam.

According to the same specialist, early detection considerably reduces the risk of death from this cancer, which is why, she noted, it is essential for a married woman to carry out this examination every two years.

Ahmed Ziari, a medical inspector at Skikda’s health directorate, revealed that Skikda has two oncology units supervised by five specialist doctors who, in 2018, had 490 cancer patients.

Initiated by the national association of medical oncology with the support of the local health department, the 3rd national day medical oncology of Skikda opened Friday gathered general practitioners and specialists from various regions of the country around the themes of the prevention and early detection of cancer.


By Moeen Ali

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