Central Council of Jews criticized Amazon for Nazi articles.

T-shirts, stickers, propaganda pamphlets: Amazon sells racist messages through its third-party platform. The group refuses to comment.

The products carry unmistakable messages such as “Brown even without sun” or “Nordic rage knows no mercy”: The President of the Jewish Central Committee, Josef Schuster, has asked the mail order company Amazon to abandon the sale of Nazi articles.

It is a “completely unacceptable situation that is sold through Amazon T-shirts and stickers that glorify Nazi values ​​or right-wing ideas or stir up the hatred of minorities,” said Schuster the editorial network Germany (RND).
According to the RND, the Amazon Marketplace third-party platform has many racist slogans, as well as propaganda pamphlets titled “Scientific Source Texts” with titles such as “The Jew as World Parasite” or “Judas: The World Enemy.” The shops are operated partly by activists of the right-wing scene.

Amazon violates its own rules

The company violates its guidelines for marketplace dealers following RND research. It expressly states: “Forbidden is the offering of articles that glorify, support, endorse or belittle National Socialism or unconstitutional organizations.”

According to RND, Amazon did not want to comment on the allegations despite several requests. “We do not comment on that,” said a company spokesman Tobias Goerke.

Amazon has “a great moral and social responsibility as one of the largest companies in the global book and online retail market,” said Schuster. “Anyone who distributes such goods on the market must not be able to withdraw from the fact that he is merely a ‘supplier’ and thus has no responsibility.” That applies “in the current political and social situation.”

What Josef Schuster demands from Amazon

Schuster now requires that companies such as Amazon, but also the competent authorities “examine such writings for their illegality, if necessary, withdraw them immediately from the market and consistently bring charges against the authors.” The whole thing had to happen on its own, said Schuster, but at least when there are indications of questionable products.

It is not the first time that Amazon is confronted with such accusations: Last year; the company had multiple sellers accounts of questionable goods banned. US Congressman Keith Ellison had previously complained about products containing xenophobic messages.
Amazon had responded to Ellison at the time that they reviewed the mentioned products and removed all articles that violated the guidelines. “Sellers are expected to stick to the rules, and we’re immediately investigating every breach reported to us,” the letter said.

By Rowan Sinclair

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