Chili includes many nutrients, particularly vitamin C, that are useful for the body. But it’s not always correct that spicy food. Chili can also improve the risk of dementia if eaten in unnecessary quantities.

It disclosed this in research released in the Nutrients newspaper. The study found evidence of a faster cognitive decline in those who consistently ate over 50 grams of chili a day by researchers involving 4,582 Chinese adults over 55 years old. The risk is nearly twice as high as those who don’t eat as much chili.

The decline in memory is even more significant in thinner chili lovers. Researchers say that people with normal weight may be more sensitive to the intake of chili than people who are overweight, thus affecting memory.

“In our past research, chili consumption proved useful for weight and blood pressure. However, we discovered negative cognitive impacts among older adults in this research,” said Zumin Shi of Qatar University.

Chili intake involves new chili and dried chili, but not hot or black pepper.

Those who eat lots of chilies have a lower body mass index (BMI) and are more active physically than those who don’t like chili eating.

By Moeen Ali

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