Coronavirus-Rise in UK cases threatened with new containment

The UK will likely have to reintroduce some national containment measures soon to tackle the coronavirus, a prominent epidemiologist said on Saturday, as new cases of infection reached their highest level since May’s beginning.
Neil Ferguson, professor of epidemiology at Imperial College London and a former government adviser, told the BBC the country faces a “perfect storm” of growing infections as people return to work and work. ‘school.
“I think some additional measures will probably be needed as soon as possible,” he said.
“We’re currently at about the same infection level as in late February in this country, and if we wait for another two to four weeks, we’ll be back to where we were in mid-March, and that’s going – or could – cause fatalities, ”added Neil Ferguson.
The United Kingdom reported 4,422 new cases of coronavirus contamination on Saturday, 100 more than Friday, and the highest daily toll since May 8.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday that a second epidemic wave was inevitable in the UK and the government could be forced to implement new restrictive measures without ordering a second national lockdown.

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