Countries open for tourism

Well, if you’re looking to spend your holidays then you’re in a right place. We’re going to share a list of some adorable countries open for tourism in the era of COVID-19.

1. Pakistan

Northern areas of Pakistan also called mini Switzerland because you’re going to see natural beauty there. We’ll recommend you guys must visit this place as its northern part’s having adorable lakes, mountains, and much more stuff. Here are some must-visit destinations of Pakistan like Hunza valley, Skardu, Pak-china border, and of course Feary meadows. Apart from these destinations, you can also explore the country’s culture. Here are some more adorable places to visit.

Pakistan is offering e-visas for 150+ countries. Trust me guys it’s the easy-peasy process and you’re really going to enjoy it.

2. Maldives (Countries open for tourism)

The Maldives also opened for tourism without having any kinda quarantine restrictions. If you’re a beach lover then this destination is for you because the Maldives is having too many islands. Basically, it’s recommended tourist destination for newly married couples for the sake of a honeymoon.

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3. Thailand (Places Open For

Thailand is also a good option for you but keeps it in mind you’ve to quarantine for 14 days. As recently, Thailand authorities arrest almost 89 foreign tourists who were violating Covid-19 rules. By the way, Thailand is also having massive tourist spots.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka recently welcomes tourists after a while but you also have to do 14 days of quarantine in Sri Lanka. So, keep it in mind.

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