Cupping therapy likely occurred around 5300 years earlier in Mesopotamia. In ancient Greece, the method was so popular and recognized that cupping glass symbolized the healing arts.

Cupping therapy is an ancient cure. We place glasses on the skin for this purpose, in which it generates negative pressure. Then blood flows into the closed area increasingly. It helps ease stress and pain, along with other physical diseases.  


Cupping is a simple technique of therapy. It is possible to buy easy-to-use cupping heads from professional distributors. Many individuals will purify themselves at home after a brief tutorial to handle manageable stresses and muscle aches or cosmetic reasons.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

We carry cupping out with the aid of glass or plastic cupping glasses. Usually, we have a spherical shape around two to eight centimeters in diameter. The skin is sucked into the attached glass if you generate negative pressure. Individual pumping devices create a negative influence on the cupping vessels or by the previous burning of some cotton wool in the cupping glass.

Here Are Some Advantages Of Cupping Therapy

advantages of cupping

This technique is excellent for unblocking the blood and lymphatic systemsAn example on the side of blood circulation concerns cases of amenorrhea or problems with cleaning the blood or cholesterol.

It is also beneficial for relieving muscle aches, recirculates the liquids in the body and helps all the internal organs, and is also excellent for easing pains caused by cold or little movement, in cases of arthrosis, lower and upper limbs consistently stiff because of moisture.

Treatment cleanses the cephalic vein help rebalance transient head tremors, neck pain, and blood congestion.

Very useful for cleaning the arteries. Especially the arteries and veins that can not be easily detected.

The cleansing of the blood that occurs in each artery provides specific benefits.

It is also beneficial for reducing lung infections, pleurisy, and most transient blood diseases affecting blood flow from the area below the knees.

Do cupping hazards and side effects?

This treatment method has a few side effects: Cupping is usually very well tolerated. Cupping almost always causes bruising, which is desirable and part of the treatment. These bruises or streaks remain visible for a long time, often several days after cupping. Pain afterward is rare. If they occur, they are no worse than a slight sore muscle.

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