Evgeny Tomashevsky

In the seventh round of the Russian Chess Championship Superfinal, Evgeny Tomashevsky defeated Vladislav Artemiev and took the lead in the tournament standings.

After move 36, the game in which Tomashevsky played white ended. Drawn outcomes were recorded in the games between the chess players: Alexei Sarana – Dmitry Jakovenko, Alexey Dreev – Alexander Predke, Vladimir Fedoseyev – Maxim Matlakov, Nikita Vitiugov – Alexander Motylev and Kirill Alekseenko – Ernesto Inarkiev.

Tomashevsky is leading after six rounds (4.5 points). Next come to Alekseenko, Vitiugov, Matlakov, and Inarkiev (4 each) to the ancestors.

The tournament leader, Olga Girya, defeated Zarina Shafigullina with black in the women’s competition. Her closest pursuer, Natalia Pogonina, defeated Polina Shuvalova, playing with white pieces.

Other gaming day results:

Alexandra Kosteniuk – Alina Kashlinskaya – 0-1,

Valentina Gunina – Daria Charochkina – 1-0,

Elena Tomilova – Margarita Potapova – 0.5-0.5,

Alexandra Goryachkina – Anastasia Bodnaruk – 0.5-0.5.

A kettlebell with 6 points takes first place in the standings, Pogonina (5.5) is in second place, Goryachkina and Kashlinskaya (4.5 each) are in third place.

They hold the games of the eighth round on August 19.