Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Peasant groups have declared that they will join forces with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), General Emiliano Zapata’s family, and the people of Anenecuilco, Morelos, in response to the infrastructure projects of the president, López Obrador.

Álvaro López Ríos, leader of the National Union of Agricultural Workers (UNTA), announced the 2020 agenda of the organization, and the Social Movement for Earth. In addition to the formal announcement that they will join forces with the EZLN in all those actions that are aimed at defending the natural resources that will be affected with the Mayan Train, the Morelos Thermoelectric, the Santa Lucia Airport, and the Trans-Isthmic Train.

UNTA chief López Ríos regretted the closing of the Federal Chief Executive because he declined to communicate with the associations and with the people, stating that “to determine their megaprojects, the President seeks to impose and falsify the outcome of the supposed consultations with residents.”

He said that the National Union of Agricultural Workers, the MST and some of General Emiliano Zapata’s family had decided to fight publicly in the protection of the soil because the federal government has hidden those who helped him in his election campaign.

The peasant organizations also expressed their unconditional support for the great-grandson of General Emiliano Zapata, Benjamín Zapata Amaro, who announced that he would lead the defense of the figure of Emiliano Zapata, his legacy and his integrity.

By Moeen Ali

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