How coffee and alcohol affect how your heart works

The benefits and harms of coffee and wine for health, as well as bodybuilding exercises for patients with heart disease and hypertension, are reviewed by a German cardiologist.

Cardiologist Heribert Brück, of the leading association of German cardiologists (BNK), gave advice on the prevention of cardiovascular disease and explanations of significant health mistakes, in an interview with Focus Online.

Coffee, wine, and limestone

Coffee, wine, and limestone

Thus, he denied the myth that coffee causes hypertension and harms the heart.

He said that coffee can increase blood pressure because of caffeine, but for a short time and only for people who are not used to coffee.

“Those who drink coffee regularly will show almost no reaction […]. Besides, regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of dementia and diabetes, “he said, calling harmless waste up to four cups a day.

Concerning red wine, “considered particularly beneficial for the heart,” Heribert Brück expressed doubts about this theory.

“Today, we know that even small amounts of alcohol increase the risk of atrial fibrillation,” he said.

Calcium water is harmless to the heart and vessels and “does not accumulate in the body,” he continued.

Physical exercises

Physical exercises

He also mentioned strength training exercises, which are often considered prohibited for heart patients.

“Only strengthen the muscles and counteract possible falls, especially in the elderly. Vessels also benefit […] This is also good for patients with hypertension,” he noted.

“Today, we expressly recommend them,” he said to conclude.

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