How to protect my eyes from the sun in the summer

How to protect eyes from the sun: In summer, protecting your eyes from the sun is essential. Which the pair of sunglasses to choose? Can we go to the beach in lenses? How to take care of the baby’s eyes? Discover all our tips to enjoy the summer weather in complete safety.

The eyes, very fragile, must be protected from the sun. Here are some tips to help protect your eyes in the summer.


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For adequate protection, the lenses must filter UV. Moreover, the wearing of glasses of the bazaar is more dangerous even than the absence of glasses, since behind these tinted glasses without filter the pupils open more and let more penetrate the UV. Note that some glasses, although they are correctly filtering, are almost white. Tinted glasses with the CE standard, however, have the advantage of attenuating the dazzling light.

Another imperative: the frames must be quite enveloping. Lastly, a visor or a hat will more effectively shade the eyes of astigmatism, of those with a bright iris or a beginning of cataracts.

Contact lenses

For contact lens wearers, disposable lenses minimize the risk of infection. Bringing a bottle or pods of eye drops such as artificial tears can wash the eye in case the grain of sand – or any other dust – has infiltrated.

Seawater, a danger to the eyes?

Seawater, a danger to the eyes

As for seawater, outside particularly polluted areas, it is not particularly dangerous for the eyes. 

Protect children’s eyes

Protect children’s eyes

The eyes of the young are more sensitive because their protective pigmentation is still incomplete. Their glasses must be adapted to the morphology of their little face and, of course, to their behavior! To support games and other races on the beach or in the fields, they must be flexible and very enveloping.

By Moeen Ali

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