Imran Khan visits Saudi Arabia as part of the “peace initiative” in the region

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh Tuesday evening.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry announced that Khan was visiting Saudi Arabia as part of his peace and security initiative in the region.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the visit comes after Khan’s visit to Iran on October 13 and meeting with its leaders.

The Pakistani Foreign Office said that Khan would consult with the Saudi leadership in the light of “his recent discussions with other leaders,” as used in the statement.

It is noteworthy that Imran Khan’s visit to Saudi Arabia today is his third to the Kingdom in a year.

Two days ago, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry denied media reports that the Saudi leadership had asked Pakistan to mediate with Iran.

Khan said from Tehran two days ago that Pakistan “does not want to see a new conflict in the region.”