Black Panther 2 and Captain Marvel 2 

Marvel Studios announced that in 2021, a sequel to several films such as Black Panther and Captain Marvel would be released. 

Marvel boss, Kevin Feige, confirmed that the sequel to Black Panther and Captain Marvel would come after 2021.

Feige said Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Galaxy 3 Guardians, Fantastic Four, and X-Men had been ready but had no release date.

The statement is not a new surprise, given that Disney already has a long-term strategy for the MCU, three fresh Marvel movies are planned for February 18, May 6, and July 29, at least in 2022.

Disney will present 65 movies over the next eight years, including Marvel, Star Wars, and live-action films from Disney. From this year to 2027, there will be at least 18 Marvel films.

The news about the Black Panther 2 is worth the wait, as the Comic Book claims that the first film itself attained excellent achievement last year by pocketing US$ 1.3 billion globally.

Besides, Black Panther was also the first Marvel film to be nominated for Best Picture in an Oscar award, and in the same award, the event won the categories of Original Score and Costume Design and Production Design.

While there is no need to worry about the sequel to Captain Marvel, since its launch in March, the film, featuring Brie Larson, has accomplished achievement.

The film produced a profit of 1.1 billion worldwide despite receiving a little criticism.

source: tirto / marthi news

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