Meghan and harry quit royal family & Moving To Canada: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who tend to a more independent life, will no longer be taking part members of the British royal family and will avoid using their royal highness title, Buckingham Palace announced on Saturday.

Harry, Meghan, and Archie will ever be many loved members of my family, Queen Elizabeth said in a statement, referring to the couple’s baby born May 6, 2019.

I recognize the difficulties they have suffered because of the intense interest they have done subjected to for the past two years, and I support their desire for a more self-sufficient life, adds the 93-year-old sovereign.

Elizabeth II is also said to be proud of the way Meghan became a member of the family.

The grandson of Queen, Harry, 35, and his American wife, Meghan, a former 38-year-old actress, have shaken up the British monarchy by expressing their desire to distance themselves from their royal duties, to spend more time in North America and gain financial independence.

In recent days, the Queen and her family have worked with specialists on the practical aspects connected to this desire for emancipation.

The palace said that Harry and Meghan would no longer receive public funds and would refund the money spent on renovating their house in Windsor, west London.

The reforms set to take place next year, Buckingham Palace said in its press release.

Meghan and harry quit royal family

Harry and Meghan Give Up Royal Titles: Their New Roles Explained

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