nuclear test

Missile Tests: There has been another missile launch in North Korea similar to last weeks, according to U.S. intelligence. According to North Korean government media, the ballistic missiles tested on Wednesday are a new missile launch system.

According to state media, a new missile launcher system includes the ballistic missiles tested on Wednesday. It will play a leading role in army ground activities, reported on Thursday by the news agency KCNA. Accordingly, State Head Kim Jong Un personally monitored the missile test.

They fired the two projectiles near the North Korean coastal town of Wonsan, according to the South Korean General Staff. They flew approximately 250 km and achieved a height of 30 km.

North Korea, which has tested nuclear weapons several times, may not launch short, medium and long-range ballistic missiles, according to UN resolutions. Such rockets are typically ground-to-surface missiles capable of carrying a standard chemical, a biological or nuclear warhead.

By Seth Statnick

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