Activists Threw Tomato Soup At Painting

Just over a week ago activists threw tomato soup at the painting Sunflowers by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh at the National Gallery in London The frame was slightly damaged in the attack As in the case of the Monet in Germany the work was protected by glass

The activists a man and a woman dressed in black and with orange reflective vests assure in the video after launching the yellowish substance that people are dying of hunger and cold We are in a climate catastrophe And the only thing youre afraid of is tomato soup and mashed potatoes in a box.

Do you know what Im afraid of That scientists say that in 2050 we will not be able to feed our families Will this mashed potato make you listen The painting will be worth nothing when we have to fight over food the woman shouts while the security personnel observe them and apparently notify the Police

The Last Generation group has been organizing various protests for several months alongside famous works of art to draw the attention of society and politicians to the climate crisis In August two of its activists latched onto a work by Lucas Cranach the Elder at the Berlin Pinacoteca They have also done so with a work by the Italian Renaissance painter.

Raphael known as the Sistine Madonna which is on display in Dresden In both cases the hands were glued to the frame of the paintings This group of young activists is part of the international network A22 which defines its actions as peaceful and civil resistance to demand measures from the rulers in the face of the imminent climate catastrophe.

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