German Climate Protection Group Protest On This Wednesday

Two activists from the German climate protection protest group Last Generation attacked a painting by French Impressionist painter Claude Monet on Sunday throwing a viscous yellowish substance at it at the Barberini Museum in Potsdam southwest of Berlin.

The group itself has recognized and publicized the action on social networks where it has ensured that it is mashed potatoes The painting belonging to the series Les Meules The haystacks by Monet 18891891 has not suffered any damage according to a first conservation analysis a museum spokeswoman has assured EL PAÍS It was protected by glass.

The group has posted a video of the attack on Twitter in which it demands that the political class take action to fight the climate crisis After throwing the substance the two activists have glued themselves to the wall next to the painting The museum hopes to exhibit the piece again next.

Wednesday added the spokeswoman Two other people participated in the action in addition to the two activists who launched the alleged mashed potato and who were arrested shortly after according to a police spokesman They are charged with property damage.

Director of the Barberini Museum claims to be very relieved that the painting has not suffered any damage While I understand the urgent concern of activists in the face of climate catastrophe I am shocked by the means by which they are trying to give weight to their demands she said in a statement.

In the works of the Impressionists we see the intense artistic engagement with nature The many landscape paintings in the Hasso Plattner Collection can inspire visitors to reflect and question their relationship with the environment she added The painting from 1890 belongs to the permanent exhibition of the Barberini Museum and comes from the collection of its founder the billionaire.

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