Unusual move Met Eireann extends a double warning for the cold weather in New Ireland

In an unusual move has extended a nationwide double weather warning until Friday. This indicates that the Status Yellow alert for both ice and low temperatures, which was issued for the first time on Saturday, will now last for a whole week.

It is just one of many warnings that have been issued as the freezing weather looks set to wreak havoc for several days.

More Reading: Will the Orange weather warning cause schools to close on Monday? Latest as an emergency meeting called Temperatures will fall as low as -7C tonight, with severe frost, ice, and freezing fog, as well as wintry showers of hail, sleet, and snow for the next few days.

Met Eireann said: “Extending the warning for the entire country until noon on December 16” Throughout the week, it will be extremely cold, with widespread icy stretches and sharp to severe frosts.

Hail, sleet, and snow will fall, mostly near the coast. It is anticipated that accumulations at lower levels will remain low. Sometimes there will be freezing fog and light winds over land.

Sluggish winds over land resulting in reduced wind power generation; perilous conditions on roads and paths; disruptions to travel; disruptions to the supply; potential for burst water pipes and engine damage.

Increased risks for vulnerable members of the community and
At 5 p.m., a more severe Status Orange warning for ice and low temperatures goes into effect and remains in effect until noon on Monday.

According to the nationwide alert, On Sunday night, areas of freezing fog will be accompanied by severe frost and further icy patches. Many places will likely see temperatures below -5 degrees Celsius.

A third weather conditions cautioning for snow and ice has likewise been given for Donegal and Mayo. The following is the text of the Status Yellow alert, which runs from 11.30 p.m. on Monday to noon.

Sleet and snow showers that fall as rain near the coast Sunday night and Monday morning may cause some accumulations.

Meanwhile, Met Eireann stated in its overall forecast for today: Today has been extremely cold, with frost, ice on roads and paths, and lingering areas of freezing fog throughout the day. Winter sunshine will make most places dry, but there will also be wintry showers, mostly in northern and eastern counties.

Temperatures only reaching 0 to 4 degrees Celsius in breezes that are light, moderate, or variable from the north.

“Bitterly cold tonight, with widespread lows of -7 to -4 degrees Celsius and lower local lows. The majority of the day will be dry, but there may be wintry showers, especially in the northwest, where snow accumulations are possible. In a light, variable breeze that occasionally approaches calm, freezing fog will also develop extensively.

The national forecaster provided a timetable for when conditions might improve, stating: The forecast for the following weekend is very uncertain.

According to the current forecast, it will still be cold, but not as cold as it has been in recent days. Additional frost, ice, and wintry showers are occasionally possible.

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