Extrajudicial executions continue with impunity in the Philippines since the beginning of a three-year campaign against drug trafficking, and the state is reluctant to investigate executions under the guise of police operations, said Monday Amnesty International.

In a report, Amnesty calls on the UN Human Rights Committee to approve a resolution calling for the launch of an independent investigation in the Philippines, where the NGO denounces a “dangerous normalization” of extrajudicial executions and abuses by police forces.

It is impossible to independently verify the number of victims of the vast crackdown against narcotraffic ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte, which number in the thousands. Police said they killed over 6,000 armed suspects during shootings during anti-drug operations.

The government denies accusations that the police are conducting summary executions as part of these operations.

According to Amnesty, the authorities deliberately show “obscurantism” and “disinformation” to make it impossible to account for their actions and the number of extrajudicial executions.

No comments could be obtained immediately from the spokesperson of President Duterte. Salvador Panelo said last week that the UN’s call for the opening of an international investigation in the Philippines was interference by foreign governments, which he said were guided by “false news”.

The 47-member UN Human Rights Committee, also home to the Philippines, is because of the vote this week on a resolution submitted by Iceland calling for an inquiry into extrajudicial executions by the United States. authorities in the fight against drug trafficking. (Martin Pett, Jean Terzian for the French service)

By Karen Stone

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