pokemon go update

It seems that Pokemon GO players can already enjoy news in the game. After updating to a new version, number 0.149.0, a new evaluation system for the Pokemon has been included.

This new system is like the Pokemon Sun and Moon rating system and works like this:

  • Now you can see the three statistics that the Pokemon has with three bars for each statistic.
  • The more the three bars are filled, the higher the IVs.
  • There are also buttons on the left and right so you can jump between Pokemon.
  • It also shows if a Pokemon is plentiful and where it was captured.
  • If a Pokemon has perfect IVs, they give it a red stamp.
pokemon go update

This update also confirms battles with Team Rocket and dark Pokemon, which are related to Team Rocket. Besides, it also includes:

  • A change of interface in the fighting of coaches grouping the elements for each Pokemon.
  • They show now the amount of Pokemon and shields left to both players and the CPs of the current Pokemon.
  • The new attack button has moved down the list of Pokemon attacks.
  • Now you can also search for male, female, and genderless Pokemon in the Pokemon list.


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