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Do you wanna heal faster you’re in the right place let’s learn how breathing exercise for coronavirus works. People who exercise their lungs regularly before an illness can expect to recover more quickly from COVID 19. Sandra Gawehn, who works as a doctor at the Usedom Rehabilitation Clinic, recommends that breathing exercises for coronavirus be integrated into a daily routine to strengthen the lungs and the immune system.

It has proven the positive effect of breathing exercise for coronavirus


In the Usedom Clinic, people with diverse respiratory diseases are not uncommon. Some suffer from COPD, others from asthma, and some patients have just been subjected to lung operations. Gawehn is therefore familiar with this subject, she says: “Nobody – especially from the risk groups – knows whether he will suffer from bilateral pneumonia in the next few weeks.” The positive effect of breathing exercises has been scientifically proven – why should do you miss him?

Faster healing progress saves more lives

Patients with well-trained lungs and a correspondingly robust digestive system in case of a critical infection may be weaned off the ventilator more easily. In this way, one might also stop artificial respiration entirely. It will, therefore, open up the hospital beds quicker, and thanks to the domino impact in the predicted Corona Peak, more lives could be saved.

Loud singing strengthens the lungs and raises the mood – Breathing Exercise for Coronavirus

Only 30 minutes of fitness a day, such as jogging, yoga and push-up exercises, suit a function. 150 minutes a week of physical exercise sets the digestive system working. Loud singing often stimulates the muscles and heightens morale at the same moment. The intense sigh of relaxation, achieved three times an hour, means the alveoli are properly ventilated. Playful relaxation activities can be fun: What about cotton ball blowing action, daily balloon spinning, or amusing soap bubble games? On YouTube, you can even learn to take healthy breathing. The doctor suggests the following 2 videos in this context:

Breathing exercises for non-athletes

Breathing Exercises for Relaxation or COPD - Ask Doctor Jo

Breathing workout for athletes

Deep Breathing Exercises for Beginners

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