protective face mask for coronavirus: In the fight against the coronavirus, Chancellor Angela Merken and the Prime Ministers of the federal states recommend wearing respiratory masks on public transport. This is well received by experts – the masks are an important measure to contain the virus.

According to experts, wearing masks to protect against a rapid increase in corona infections must be accompanied by a number of other measures.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) does not rule out that in the fight against the coronavirus,  a so-called everyday mask may become mandatory on certain occasions in the future.

Bernd Salzberger, an infectiologist at the Regensburg University Medical Center, called the recommendation from the federal and state governments to wear a mask on the bus and train and when shopping, “a good measure”.

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Conventional masks are currently simply too scarce for a duty. Wearing self-made masks could also ensure that people kept more distance from each other due to the signal effect.

Breathing masks protect people from the coronavirus

Mouth and nose protection primarily serves to protect other people because the material in front of the mouth and nose catches droplets when speaking, sneezing or coughing. However, they tend not to protect against infection of the carrier with the virus.

It also depends on how the mask is worn, said Salzberger. The fabric must cover the mouth and nose. When putting on and taking off, make sure that the secretion is not spread over the hands.

A self-made mask can easily be worn more often. To clean them, it is enough to wash the mask at 60 degrees in the washing machine or iron it, the infectiologist said.

According to the recommendations of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, the fabric should be woven as closely as possible. However, in the experts’ opinion, compliance with hygiene standards or distance rules does not replace a mask.

The Robert Koch Institute also points out that medical respiratory masks should be reserved for personnel in medical and nursing facilities.

No mask requirement

Chancellor Merkel said on Wednesday after a switch conference with the heads of state of the country when asked why there was only a recommendation for such simple face masks and not an obligation: “We really have to be able to do what we ask citizens to do. “

That’s why they went step by step with the everyday masks, said Merkel.

“The more there will be, the more you will perhaps talk about whether there will be further steps of urgency. But first of all, we say: who has such masks and who can get them, and they are every day better available, should also use it. “

At the same time, Merkel pointed out how important it is to treat the masks properly.

“They have to be washed or ironed on a regular basis, put in the oven or in the microwave. Even if that sounds a bit housewife, so to speak. But these are the panaceas,” said the Chancellor.

“Otherwise, they are not productive in terms of protecting others.” The masks would also have to be changed more frequently.

By Rowan Sinclair

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