Hong Kong Protest

Hong Kong Protest: Tens of thousands of protesters gathered Sunday again in a town near the border between Hong Kong and China, whose inhabitants of the former British colony denounced the negative influence.

The protest against an extradition bill to China has gradually spread to other aspects of the “signification” of the autonomous territory.

As the day before in Sheung Shui, protesters converged Sunday to Sha Tin town to denounce the incursions of Chinese traders who cross the border to buy zero-rated products they then sell on the Chinese side, fueling inflation in Hong Kong.

The protesters are also calling for the resignation of Hong Kong’s Executive Director, Carrie Lam, and the final withdrawal of the extradition bill, which the latter has simply suspended for the time being.

“Extradited to China, it will disappear forever,” said a sign bearing the image of Chinese President Xi Jinping brandished by a protester, while another asked US President Donald Trump to intervene to “free Hong Kong and that protestors were waving British or American flags.

These images may provoke the fury of Beijing in the middle of a political and commercial battle with the United States.

According to the organizers, the protest brought together 115,000 people, with the police advancing four times less than the peak of mobilization.
Some incidents broke out between police and protesters but smaller than Saturday in Sheung Shui.

Source: Reuters

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