Cause of heart attacks

Cause of heart attacks and strokes: The “upper” systolic blood pressure and the “lower” diastolic equally affect the risk of developing a heart attack and stroke. Scientists from the Kaiser Permanente research center in the United States made this conclusion; the EurekAlert portal publishes their findings!

Cause of heart attacks and strokes.

heart attack

Scientists conducted a large-scale study analyzing 36 million blood pressure readings in 1.3 million hospital patients from 2007 to 2016. The results showed that high diastolic pressure is almost as likely to result in acute impairment of blood circulation, as high systolic pressure. Previously, it was believed that this is not the case, and we can neglect the diastolic pressure.

Experts advise to monitor their pressure, periodically measure it, and in the presence of elevated rates – to regularly follow the pressure, as well as to visit the doctor.

Earlier, scientists from the University of Arizona found that ineffective and insufficient sleep at night leads to an increase in blood pressure.

We believe that the limit of normal blood pressure is near 120/80 millimeters of mercury. Physicians consider the optimal duration of sleep from six to nine hours a day.


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