The U.S Senate Finance Committee endorsed the trade agreement with 25 votes in favor and three opposed.

American growers, employees, and business people told committee chairman Chuck Grassley, the USMCA would offer much of the requisite clarity and tangible benefits.

The only votes against were Republican senators Pat Toomey and Bill Cassidy, as well as Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse; the CNBC website reported that US exports to Canada and Mexico exceed those to any other country.

The edition passed by the Senate on Tuesday is the one that adopted many amendments proposed by the U.S. Congress House of Representatives, granting it the green light by 385 votes in favor and 41 against in its session on December 19.

The resolution was also sent to the Trade, Foreign Relations and Nutrition, Education, Labour, and Pensions Senatorial Committees.

The delay in the political trial against President Donald Trump, waiting for the Senate to set its rules, seems to favor the USMCA’s approval, according to analysts, as legislative time could be used for its full support that could happen next week.

The document updating the original 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will enter into force when the Canadian partner, in turn, completes the parliamentary ratification, which will take place once he returns to work on January 27.

By Moeen Ali

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