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The outgoing Spanish Prime Minister, Socialist Pedro Sanchez, on Monday, accused the radical left Podemos of breaking negotiations on the formation of a new government, a week before the vote of the parliament on the renewal of power.

Having become head of the government in June 2018 thanks to a motion of censure against the conservative Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sanchez won the elections at the end of April but is far from the absolute majority with 123 socialist deputies out of 350. He, therefore, needs, in particular, the support of the 42 deputies of Podemos, besides that of many small regionalist parties, to be reappointed head of government by the parliament during a vote of inauguration scheduled July 23.

In an interview on Spanish radio Cadena Ser, the Socialist denounced “a unilateral termination of negotiations on the part of (Pablo) Iglesias,” the leader of Podemos, because of the organization by forming a vote of his activists on the position to be adopted by the party’s deputies on July 23rd. It is “a great masquerade of Iglesias to justify his not to my nomination,” continued Pedro Sanchez.Podemos conditions his support for the entry of some of its leaders in the government, which Pedro Sanchez categorically refused before releasing the ballast at the end of last week. He ended by proposing the appointment of ministers of Podemos qualified on specific issues. An offer also refused by Pablo Iglesias, says Pedro Sanchez.

In any case, support Podemos or not, the inauguration of Pedro Sanchez seems doomed to fail on July 23 when he does not have an absolute majority of 176 votes out of 350 in the Chamber of Deputies. A second round will have to be organized on July 25, when a relative majority of deputies would suffice. Hence his calls to the liberals of Ciudadanos and the conservatives of the Popular Party to facilitate his investiture by abstaining. But these two formations refuse.

Pedro Sanchez wants to avoid at all costs that his election depends on the abstention of Catalan independence deputies while the right does not stop accusing him of being the hostage of the separatists who had supported his coming to power in June 2018.


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