Storm Barry less catastrophic than expected for Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS – Tropical storm Barry swept northwestern Louisiana Sunday without causing the dreaded damage.

The depression, which was ranked in the first hurricane category when it entered the continent Saturday, has quickly lost momentum since.
Fears of a disaster similar to the one that devastated New Orleans during the Katrina passage in 2005 proved baseless, but it does not exclude severe floods, warned the national meteorological service.

Barry, whose winds are no more than 65km/h, was centered Sunday 85km south-southeast of Shreveport. We still expect nearly 40 cm of precipitation Sunday in parts of south-central Louisiana. The banks of the Mississippi are flooded, but the dikes have not been submerged.

The river reached its highest point Friday evening in New Orleans with 5.18 meters, while the forecast was 6.1 meters, almost the height of the dikes that protect the city.

By Moeen Ali

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