This morning a strong 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook the Ancash area, as recorded on its website by the Geophysical Institute of Peru (PGI). Even in many parts of Lima, the disturbance has been heard.

Based at the shore, 82 km southwest of Huarmey, 32 kilometers offshore, the epicenter of the telluric wave-felt at 4:45 am.

The trembling in the city of Huarmey, according to the IGP, felt with a strength of grade III and IV.

Different RPP News listeners confirmed that the shake felt strongly in and around Huarmey, triggering fear among the people. Some people have called from Peru to record the remake.
The local authorities have not recorded substantial losses or injuries until the closure of this notice.

This is the country’s second earthquake felt in the last 24 hours after the magnitude 3.6 quake reported in Caylloma, Arequipa, yesterday.

By Moeen Ali

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