Sweden and Norway to join IEI-Parly

PARIS – Sweden, and Norway are poised to swell the ranks of the European Intervention Initiative (IEI), which will see 12 countries ready to develop a “common strategic culture,” Florence said on Sunday. Parly in The Parisian.

The ten member countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the United Kingdom) of the IEI opened Sunday the march during the military parade of 14-July, in Paris.

The IEI, launched in June 2018 under the impetus of Emmanuel Macron, aims at joint commitments for various intervention scenarios – military operation or natural disaster, for example.

“Two other countries are currently candidates, Sweden and Norway. A country that did not want to return regrets today,” says the French Minister of Armies in an interview with the Parisian, refusing to specify the name of the third country.

“The IEI, we launched it politically. The staffs have been working together for several months. In September, we will have a second ministerial-level meeting in the Netherlands. This 14th July is the right moment to show that France works with its European partners, “

Source: Reuters

By Moeen Ali

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