Places to visit in Bursa in 2021

Are you looking for interesting sights in Bursa? Here you’ll find the Top 4 Places to visit in Bursa’s the most stunning excursion sites, intriguing places to see, must-try food, and many other handy tips for a vacation to Bursa.

1. Ulu Camii

Bursa’s Ulu Camii “Great Mosque” served as a model for many other comparable structures across the Ottoman Empire’s realm. The mosque’s interior is elaborately embellished with calligraphy, and the hot water fountain in the mosque’s center is stunning. Make time for the Ulu Camii if you’re visiting a tourist attraction in downtown Bursa. It pays off since, compared to the numerous other mosques in Turkey, their construction is unique and magnificent. Other sights, such as Koza Han and the bazaar, are within a 5- to 10-minute walk away.

2. Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Türbesi

Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Türbesi

The Ottoman dynasty and the Ottoman Empire were founded by Osman Gazi I. The mausoleums of Osman I and his son Orhan I may be found in Bursa’s old town. The tombs of the two rulers are well-known tourist attractions in Turkey. It is worthwhile to take the ten-minute stroll from the old town to the mausoleum. The mausoleums’ clock tower and the viewing terrace in the park are also worth seeing. On the terrace, I took the cover photo for my list of attractions.

2. Green Mosque and the Green Mausoleum in Bursa

Green Mosque and the Green Mausoleum in Bursa

Bursa is nicknamed “the green city” in Turkey. There are three reasons for this: the green mosque, the green mausoleum, and the green landscape in Bursa. The green mosque, completed in 1419, is so interesting because it is one of the masterpieces of early Ottoman architecture. It was built before the Ottomans conquered Constantinople and subsequently adapted their mosque more to Byzantine architecture. Right next to the mosque is the green mausoleum in which Sultan Mehmet I is buried.

3. Koza Han, the silk bazaar of Bursa

In the Ottoman Empire, Bursa marked the end of the Silk Road. As a result, the city became a hub for the silk trade, with numerous silk producers. In Bursa, the old tradition is still alive and flourishing. Koza “Seiden” Han in the city center is the greatest spot to get some cheap silk goods, such as gorgeous scarves. I really enjoy sitting in the various little cafés in the old Han’s inner courtyard for a Turkish tea or breakfast. The Koza Han is unquestionably one of Bursa’s must-see attractions!

4. Sightseeing in Tophane, old town

Sightseeing in Tophane, bursa

Tophane is the area of ​​Bursa that used to be surrounded by a mighty city wall. The walls encompass the area where the first large settlements in Bursa emerged 2,200 years ago. Within the area around the old city walls, you will find many museums, beautifully renovated Ottoman houses, and restaurants. It pays to stroll through Tophane, along the city walls, to see the old buildings.

Top 4 Places to visit in Bursa - Bursa's tourist attractions
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Top 4 Places to visit in Bursa - Bursa's tourist attractions
Are you looking for interesting sights in Bursa? Here you'll find the Top 4 Places to visit in Bursa's most stunning excursion sites.
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