Top 5 Best Tourist Places in Canada to Visit in 2021

1. Montreal

The merger of French architecture, American modernity, and the beautiful natural parks separates the city of Montreal, Quebec. As one of Canada’s most famous tourist attractions, Montreal blends in with its space set, while Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the most renowned. When entering the holy temple, the strength of its colors and the sacred art of its neo-gothic qualities will amaze you.

Then continue to the Montreal Botanical Gardens with the beautiful parkland with only a 45-minute train ride from the cathedral. There are also very spectacular destinations on its two islands. On the island of Saint Helena, you can find Jean Drapeau Park, which is a special opportunity while visiting the magical Biosphere Museum or the iconic formula 1 track of Gilles-Villeneuve, on the island of Our Lady.

But there are infinite extremes for people looking for something more energy-friendly, for instance when entering the Old Bridge and finding the 365-meter zip-line circuit, for example, when they ride in Aquazila or canopy. When you end up in Old Montreal or the underground city, you will eat one of their lovely bagels. When you stroll down their streets.

Taste their burnt meat and fried, soft cheese and sweetmeat while sunbathing on the grass near the amazing Mount Royal that it’s named for if you’re starving during your walk. You are about four hours drive from Mont Tremblant.

2. Quebec

Do not hesitate to visit the historic center if you wish to visit Quebec in Canada.

Quebec City is one of the historic sites to visit in Canada and the province of Quebec. The predominantly Francophone city will make your visit to its glorious center, named Vieux Quebec, a historic center that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site a memorable one.

It is recommended to stroll along the walls of the old Quebec, the name of which in francophone churches, like the Cathedral of Sainte Anne in La Pocatière, you should be conscious of its charming French design in Quebec majestic citadel, or its fortifications and jewels.

Even Quebec City not only offers museums and charming neighborhoods, but it also offers extreme sports activities at different times of the year. At the Jean-Larose Falls, rappel in summer. Whereas, in winter, try venturing out with ice canyoning.

If Quebec has managed to enter your list of dream places in the province, go for a walk through it, it is accessible by bus and car. It will only take three hours and 30 minutes by bus, and two hours and 53 minutes by car from the city of Montreal.

3. Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is one of the municipalities of the Province of Ontario. Its beauty and richness are expressed in its variety of museums, its great natural parks, its important historical and political monuments, and, above all, in its culture and education.

Walking through its streets, you realize that its architecture is merely functional and formalistic, although when you arrive at the Parliament buildings you will see the great Gothic influence they have. In addition, it has cultural areas that you will undoubtedly have to know because in its spaces are the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Ottawa, without a doubt, is one of the impressive places in Canada where you should vacation because there the Winterhude Festival is presented, one of the most important annual winter events for Canadian tourism. On this incredible occasion, you will see and skate on ice and even witness majestic sculptures made of ice.

Being the capital of Canada, it will not be difficult to find public transport or road directions, but being in Gatineau, it will only take 21 minutes by bus on the road. And from the city of Laval, Quebec, the transfer is approximately seven hours and 20 minutes.

4. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is recognized as the city of Uranium, but don’t be discouraged by that, as it is considered one of the provinces where to vacation in Canada, because it is a must-see area for extreme sports adventurers.

One activity to explore is dog sledding in the Prince Albert National Park in winter. In the summer, it is not a problem. There are plenty of activities for you to water ski at Saskatchewan Beach or try wildlife viewing and hiking near Lake La Ronge.

It is not only pure physical adventure. There you will experience archaeological zones such as Wanuskewin Heritage Park, where you will see that it is a historical museum that exhibits art from the original nations located in the city of Saskatoon. From Red Deer, the distance you travel to Saskatchewan averages six hours.

5. Toronto

The metropolis of Toronto is one of the best tourist appeals in Canada to know and stay to live. The impact points that you will be pleased to discover are its dazzling skyscrapers, its Victorian neighborhoods, its museums and galleries, and its charming and summery islands. To be part of the daily life of this city is to be part of its multicultural cosmopolitan world.

Well, almost half of its population were not born in the city, but without a doubt, they have fallen in love with it to follow its day-to-day dynamics. If you visit it, you can do it in any season. The city sparkles all year round. But its proximity to Lake Ontario makes it one of the warmest places in Canada for you to avoid the Canadian cold.

Although if the weather is not bearable, the Path saves you with its underground paths to the shopping centers, as in the East Center, where you can eat a delicious sandwich with peameal bacon or some of its gastronomic diversity. Plus, have a great time in the summer when you visit Yonge-Dundas Square for entertainment. And, if you are looking for something new, take the ferry to the islands and sign up for your first paddleboard yoga classes.

Something that should not be overlooked is joining the sustainability initiative of its residents, as bicycle transport is increasingly popular in the city. To stay, try the Planet Travelers Hotel. If you’re wondering how to get to Toronto, Canada, take a flight from anywhere in the world. If you are already in the country and in Montreal, take the train, the transfer is over five hours.

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