Wall Street Stock Exchange: Values ​​to follow on Wall Street

Main stocks for the Dow Jones and Standard & Poor 500 and 0.7 percent for the Nasdaq are open for Wall Street on Wednesday where futures signal benchmarks open up around 0.3 percent:

* INTEL will boost its production capacity by building two factories in Arizona, which will be open to external customers by investing up to $20 trillion in the pre-market since Tuesday’s announcement that INTEL would expand its semiconductor production capacity.

The group’s leading direct rival, AMD, yields 0.8%, while manufacturers of equipment in the APPLIED MATERIAL industry, LAM RESEARCH, and ASML, the yield from 4% to 5%.

* In the pre-stock market, TESLA is taking 1.6 percent, and its managing director, Elon Musk, has revealed that it is possible now to purchase a Tesla vehicle in the United States by paying bitcoins.

* In pre-market trading shares of petroleum firms are rising as raw prices follow after the boat in the Suez Canal was swept up blocking cargo traffic on one of the largest commercial routes in the world. The world’s most busy. EXXON MOBIL, SCHLUMBERGER, CHEVRON, and MARATHON OIL were 1%-4.2%. MARATHON OIL gained 1% to 4.2%

While the Exxon Mobil loan rating was downgraded on Tuesday from “Aa1” to “Aa2,” Moody’s claiming it would slow down the reduction of the debt to a high dividend.

* PFIZER — In Hong Kong, vaccine COVID-19 from Pfizer and BioNTech has been temporarily suspended, citing defective packaging.

* WALMART — Carrefour revealed on Wednesday that it has reached an agreement on the acquisition of Grupo BIG, the third-biggest grocery dealer in Brazil with Advent International and Walmart.

* After reporting better than expected quarterly results and raising its annual targets, ADOBE gains over 1% in the pre-market.

* After the announcement of a capital increase, GAMESTOP fell 13% in pre-market trade, benefiting from the rise since January in share prices of over 800%, in the move’s context of individual investors to value against sellers.

* GENERAL MILLS — After the publication of the quarterly adjusted profit below expectations, the agrifood group lost 3.1 percent on the pre-market share.