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Weight Loss: Slim in sleep? That’s it! The theory: Those who do not use carbohydrates in the evening burn fat at night. If, on the other hand, he eats a portion of pasta in the evening; It blocks the fat loss. “There’s something in it,” says Professor Susanne Klaus from the German Institute for Human Nutrition.

When you eat carbohydrates, your blood sugar level rises. As a result, the body’s hormone insulin is released. It causes the sugar, or more precisely the glucose, to pass from the blood into the cells. At the same time, insulin promotes the formation of fat and inhibits its degradation. During the day, the body usually covers its energy needs via food. At night, if necessary, the organism attacks its reserves to get energy. And that happens, among other things, about the breakdown of fats.

Rapid blood sugar rise because of simple carbohydrates


Besides, foods contain different types of carbohydrates. While sweets and sweet sodas are predominantly fast-digesting sugars, legumes and wholegrain bread contain more complex carbohydrates. Fast-digesting carbohydrates cause the blood sugar to jump quickly and usually only fill you up for a short time. We digest complex carbohydrates more slowly; They only allow the blood glucose to increase moderately and saturate much longer.

If you want to eat fewer carbohydrates, you should save, especially with sweets and sugary sodas. Two to three snacks per week are excellent; every day would be a little too much. Whole grains – whether as rice, spaghetti, or bread – you should not wholly resist. This also applies to fruit. Although there is a lot of glucose in bananas, kiwis and dried fruits, they also contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fruit should, therefore, continue to be on the menu.

The decisive factor is the calorie intake.


But even during the day, the body goes to the fat deposits, if you consume more energy than you feed, for example through sports. And: Do not jam the carbohydrate meal in the evening, but you can not eat more than usual during the day. “It always counts the total amount of energy one day,” notes Klaus. So it depends on the calories you eat every day.

The nutrition expert says: “eating fewer carbohydrates to weight loss is well worth a try.” This weight loss method is easy to implement. You do not have to count calories before each meal painstakingly, but eat less of certain foods. For example, bread, pasta, rice, sweets, white flour, and sugary sodas are rich in carbohydrates. Also in potatoes and fruits, but also depending on the variety.

Finished dressings often contain a lot of sugar


Tip: You can make smaller portions of whole-grain products. So less pasta and rice, but more vegetables on the plate. Do not make a warm meal with carbohydrates daily. Instead, fry a portion of salmon or turkey and serve a salad. As “finished dressings often contain a lot of sugar,” as Klaus says, a homemade sauce with vinegar and oil is better. With bread, the Germans mainly covered their carbohydrate needs and found the German Nutrition Society. Again, there is potential for savings: Instead of two slices of bread combine a slice with a portion of salad, radish or yogurt. Besides, it makes a thinner slice enough.

If you are fixated on carbohydrate-freeing, you may forget that fat also provides calories. One gram of fat contains about nine kilocalories, the same amount of sugar only about four kilocalories. Nutrition experts say it often associates a low carbohydrate diet with increased fat and protein intake. Oily calorie bombs, however, do not make the pounds disappear any more than sweet sins!

Conclusion: It can help your weight loss if you eat fewer carbohydrates – based on the whole day. The method is easy to implement and saves calories, says nutrition expert Klaus. “However, this only applies if you eat a lower calorie intake.” No sugar, but more fat or other energy donors brings nothing. You should also move. This burns calories and builds muscle mass. More muscles use more energy.

By Moeen Ali

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