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On 8 February 2012, WhatsApp Messaging Network sends a letter to its users acknowledging the new conditions of its service. The app asks for permission to share details with Facebook and why we present the status of the business is one point which most attention.

Through a statement, WhatsApp said: “We update our service conditions and privacy policy, making WhatsApp a good way for a business to get answers or assistance. The Privacy Policies and Terms of Reference are commonplace in the industry, and we advise consumers about the updates. “

The platform reveals that you post details on important changes to the terms of your service and, as well, users will consult the way their data are used on their websites.

Regarding Facebook data transfers, WhatsApp clarifies that about four years ago it revised its policies to explain how the social network operates, “and the summary remains the same as we said at that time.” Likewise, on their website, they show that they only share certain types of information with Facebook companies, including the phone number, operations data, information related to the service, information on how you interact with others, mobile device data, and the IP address, among others.

WhatsApp has explained that users don’t need to exchange those data to support commercial messages. “When an organization they’re talking to uses Facebook to handle and store WhatsApp messages, all users are alerted in the conversation. This is a service we provide as an alternative. People do not have to talk on WhatsApp to corporations or connect with them if they do not. As usual, you monitor who you talk with, and you can still blacklist a WhatsApp business if you wish. “

The most important changes 

If you are using WhatsApp, you will get a request for you to approve the new terms in these days in situations you want to continue using your account.

There are three key updates: how WhatsApp manages customer data and how organisations will use applications hosted in Facebook to store and maintain their chats, and how quickly the messaging network will collaborate with Facebook and combine all parent company products more profoundly.

WhatsApp is now asking to allow a set of details, such as the telephone, the network operator, service information, interaction information, mobile device information, such as battery levels, the App and the IP address to share with Facebook and registered third parties.

Besides showcasing applicable incentives or publicity in all Facebook company products, they discussed their goal to consider how people use their services to enhance them, make recommendations based on their profiles and personalise functions and contents.

The organisation has also confirmed that it aims to give consumers a detailed, customised experience through incorporating its multiple products.

It can be remembered that WhatsApp would continue to encrypt messages throughout the board. This means that you can’t see or share the contents of the chats.

Users who do not accept the terms cannot use their accounts. In this sense WhatsApp will ultimately uninstall them after 120 days to “maintain security, limit data retention and protect the privacy of our users,” while the profiles remain inactive.

By Moeen Ali

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