A close-up shot of Kyler Murray throwing a pass Kyler Murray showcasing his incredible passing skills

The Arizona Cardinals have been grappling with offensive struggles throughout the entire season, and it’s no surprise that these struggles have contributed to their dismal 1-7 record. However, a glimmer of hope emerged last week when the Cardinals managed to put up 17 points in the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens.

One of the players who has suffered due to the Cardinals’ lackluster offense is wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. Brown, once a thousand-yard receiver, achieved that milestone during his time as a Baltimore Raven, with Lamar Jackson as his quarterback. This year, with Joshua Dobbs under center, Brown’s performance has been far less impressive, marked by both ups and downs in his statistics.

One standout moment for Brown occurred during the game against the San Francisco 49ers. He was targeted 10 times and managed to catch seven passes for a total of 96 yards. However, there were other games in which he was targeted 10 or more times, but the receptions were far fewer. This inconsistency can be attributed to the inaccuracy of Joshua Dobbs as a quarterback. Dobbs managed to get only 66.9% of his passes on target, which places him at the bottom of the list among the 31 qualifying quarterbacks in this statistical category.

Looking ahead, Clayton Tune will be taking on the role of the starting quarterback for the Cardinals on Sunday when they face the Browns. Tune, a rookie drafted in the fifth round, is an unknown quantity in the NFL. He faces the daunting task of leading the offense against one of the league’s stronger defenses. The Browns have been giving up an average of just 19.9 points per game, making it a formidable challenge for a rookie.

With a rookie quarterback making his first start against the likes of Myles Garrett and the Browns’ defense, it becomes imperative for the Cardinals to establish a reliable outlet. In this scenario, expect to see Cardinals’ tight end Trey McBride and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown targeted frequently with quick passes. Additionally, once Kyler Murray returns to the lineup, there is optimism that the Cardinals’ offense may regain its Hollywood-esque flair.

The Arizona Cardinals’ offense is facing a crucial turning point as they seek to rectify their season’s poor start. The team’s reliance on a rookie quarterback against a formidable defense presents a challenging situation, but the potential return of Kyler Murray could provide the spark needed to turn things around.

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