Nick Nurse speaking at a press conferenceCoach Nick Nurse shares his thoughts on the Suns' depth

In the world of professional basketball, narratives can take on a life of their own. One such narrative that has been circulating in the NBA lately is the idea that the Phoenix Suns lack depth. However, head coach Nick Nurse is not buying into this notion. As the Suns gear up to face the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday morning, Nurse is taking a stand against the perception that the Suns’ bench strength is lacking.

Nurse has gone on record, labeling this perception as “completely false.” He has also taken the opportunity to offer praise for some of the Suns’ key bench players. In a recent video interview with Duane Rankin at AZCentral, Nurse made it clear that he believes the Suns have the depth needed to compete at the highest level.

The recent game against the San Antonio Spurs served as a testament to the Suns’ depth, particularly with star player Bradley Beal sidelined due to injury. Drew Eubanks stepped up, contributing 13 points and grabbing five rebounds. Keita Bates-Diop also made his presence felt, scoring 13 points and maintaining a +7 rating while on the court. Eric Gordon added to the bench’s performance with 7 points on 3-5 shooting. These contributions were crucial in securing the victory for the Suns.

However, as the Suns prepare to take on the 76ers, they will face a new challenge. Devin Booker, one of their key players, will be absent from the lineup due to an injury. This puts additional pressure on the team to rely on its depth to maintain its competitive edge.

Without Booker, the Suns have faced some challenges, currently holding a 1-2 record this season. The absence of a star player can test a team’s depth and resilience, and the Suns will need to rise to the occasion to secure victories in his absence.

On the other side of the court, the Philadelphia 76ers are currently riding a three-game winning streak after their season opener loss against the Milwaukee Bucks. This momentum may prove to be a formidable challenge for the Suns, and their bench players will need to step up once again to maintain their competitiveness.

While rumors may circulate about the Phoenix Suns’ lack of depth, head coach Nick Nurse firmly believes otherwise. The recent performances of the bench players have demonstrated that the Suns have the depth and talent needed to compete successfully in the NBA. As they face the 76ers without Devin Booker, the Suns will have the opportunity to further prove their depth and resilience on the court.

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